Shalline Ramjit


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About Shalline Ramjit

My passion for real estate started when I was helping my mother through the process of buying her first home. Getting the keys to the new house was an inspiration for me as I saw how much relief this brought her and how excited she was to start her journey in homeownership. Seeing how much joy the purchase of a house had brought to someone dear to me, motivated me to follow the path of becoming a Realtor. As a Realtor, it gives me the opportunity to help others fulfill their dreams.Having been in the customer service industry for over four years, it taught me that kindness, respect, empathy, and patience go a long way. This is why I take great pride in always providing outstanding service. My banking experience solidifies my knowledge of real estate transactions and the process of buying or selling a home.

When I am not working tirelessly for my clients, I like to read, go on mini adventures around the state and create long lasting fun memories with my two young children.

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