Buying Property With Regency

Our Agents have been ranked in the top 1% of the entire state of Connecticut since 2015 for buyer representation closed sales! This is the reason buyers love working with and referring us.

The Pre-Approval Process

Understanding your mortgage is important and we make it easy!

  • If you don't already have a mortgage lender, we have an array of company Preferred Lenders to offer you. These individuals will then assist you to become pre-qualified or fully pre-approved.
  • Our Preferred Lenders will create and email you a checklist of all the information that they would need to get your properly qualified with a mortgage.
  • The lender will stay in touch with you to complete your mortgage application. They will then review and secure your very best loan options and program.

Our Communication Process

Clear and concise communicate is the key to your new home

  • Our Lenders will provide you with cost and payment estimates, so you are comfortable with your loan product and attaining the best rate possible.
  • Our Agents give either our lender or your lender a weekly update in regards on your home search process is going.
  • Our Lenders and our Agents will continuously review current market conditions throughout your home search process and answer any of your questions.
  • Following our process will make you feel confident when the time comes to lock your interest rate.

Our Business Relationships Provide Results

We're Committed to your satisfaction

  • Our Agents keep consistent communication with all Lenders.
  • Our Lenders provide a fee sheet which breaks down your total monthly payment on all the proposed homes you have interest in.
  • We will update each approval letter as applicable if you decide to change gears in putting offers on other properties.
  • Time is valuable! Understanding what is your most preferred purchase price range and appropriate annual taxes on property offers you the ability to narrow a specific search.

Complete Transaction Management

I Will:

  • Our Agents provide you with a Buyer's checklist and so does your Lender. There's specific parts in the process with your Agent and Lender's end of the transaction.
  • We work as a team so there are no missing pieces while having your transaction streamlined. Every step is important and you will be up to date while understanding the process.
  • We carefully and consistently oversee the financing process. Our goal is to have your transaction close on time with little stress while you keep your excitement.

Our Client Appreciation Program

We are with you during the entire process and after

  • Even after your closing, we'll make sure your Lender keeps in touch with you for all your future lender needs.
  • You'll receive valuable information from me in the mail or via email on a monthly basis to keep you educated and informed.
  • Consider me your source of referrals for all types of businesses, whether related to your mortgage process or not. Regency Real Estate is partnered with competent professionals who would be happy to serve you.